About Us

US Vapor Source is your local wholesale vapor supply and distributor. Located in the central Midwest we provide convenience, expedited shipping which means a quick turn around on all orders. Let US simplify the entire process with shorten lead times and prompt customer service. US Vapor Source caters to any kind of business from a new start up vapor store to existing, established shops who want a more convenient, one-stop-shop.

*Product/Liability Insurance Coverage
*Local US Wholesale Distributor
*Quality Brand Name Products
*Located In The Central Midwest
*Provide Convenience In Ordering
*Quick Turn Around
*Reasonable Minimum
*Allows You To Simplify The Entire Process
*Help Streamline Your Business
*Expedite Shipping
*Shorten Lead Times
*Offers Insurance To Cover In Store Product
*Special Packages For Start Ups
*Starter Bundles
*Liquid Mixing Kits
*Cater To Any Size Business

Interested in opening your own Vapor store? US Vapor Supply is the solution to streamlining your new business. We specialize in helping start ups and offer special packages depending on the size of your new Vapor store. The new business start up packages feature Starter bundles and liquid mixing kits. We also offer product/liability insurance to cover product in store.

Contact a US Vapor Sales Rep to learn how we can help you grow your new business.